Functional Orthonomie and Integration
Training Institute for FOI GbR Friedhelm Becker and Hans de Jong

FOI : Therapy book : Contents

Our new textbook is now there.

The second edition of this textbook (September 2015) Funktionelle Osteopathie und Integration has been completed and now available for shipping.

The book is written in German. A Dutch translation is not yet scheduled.


Here is a brief summary of the contents of our new therapeutic book:

Das FOI-Buch zur Therapie

Theoretical Foundations

In this chapter the anatomical and neurophysiological basis are laid for the understanding of our concept. It explains how a trauma occurs on fascial plane and how this can effect other regions of the body . Furthermore, the relationship between the spine and the organs is outlined, and the causes and consequences of blocking.

The FOI Concept

In chapter two, the concept of Osteopathy and Functional Integration ( FOI ) is explained through a histororical account of detailed treatment. Its core consists of blocking chains and compensation systems . In addition, the typical clinical symptoms of misalignments of the individual vertebrae are shown.

Biomechanics and Physiology

This chapter provides a detailed explanation of all biomechanical and physiological basis for treatment according to the aspects of FOI . Here all aspects such as muscles, ligaments, menisci, Disci, etc. are explained for each joint . At the same time, the joint physiology of the spinal joints and limb joints is described.

Rehabilitation of Connective Tissue

This chapter describes the phases of wound healing to be considered after a trauma. Here, the different recovery periods of the individual tissues , such as collagen tissue or cartilage tissues are shown. In addition, the mutual influence of structure and function is described.

Differential Diagnosis

For a targeted therapy and prognosis differential diagnostic skills of individual diseases are required. This chapter describes the typical clinical pictures for each joint and each spinal level to be considered from a functional point of view. The typical clinical signs of the individual diseases are highlighted. Thereby, the anamnestische demarcation is to be strongly facilitated.. In addition, training therapy information for specific medical conditions are supplied.

Practical Part

This section includes all of the techniques that the concept of FOI has to offer. The techniques are explained using detailed color images which range from basic to the three-dimensional images and texts.