Functional Orthonomie and Integration
Training Institute for FOI GbR Friedhelm Becker and Hans de Jong

Partners : Visceral Ostepathy

The Visceral Osteopathy is a very important part of the classic Osteopathy. The courses

for Germany:

  • Hosted by Dr. Sven Zimmer and Heidi Scholl. Dr. Zimmer has a private Osteopathic Medicine and Biological practice. Heidi Scholl also has a private practice for manual medicine.
  • Dr. Zimmer and Mrs. Scholl host a basic course in " Visceral Osteopathy "in Osnabrück and Berlin in 2013.
  • Parties interested in the German course should contact us directly to register or for information:

for Switzerland

  • courses are conducted by Michael Brandenberger, a Swiss Osteopath. Michael works from his osteopathic practice in Schaffhausen with a focus on Visceral Osteopathy. The courses are divided into an introductory course in which the basic principles and theoretical foundations are explained. In the practical part , students will learn about the global test and treatment procedures .The next part of this course is entitled " Upper Abdominal Organs " and "Lower Abdominal Organs". The courses clarifies the link between" functional integration and osteopathy.
  • Parties interested in attending the Switzerland Course and would like to make an appointment should contact Michael Brandenberger directly: