Functional Orthonomie and Integration
Training Institute for FOI GbR Friedhelm Becker and Hans de Jong

Courses : Visceral Ostepathy : Concept

This three-day, hands-on training course presents a new aspect of the FOI training. It provides an introduction to the concept of visceral osteopathy. Recurring parietalen problems are often based on a disturbance in the subanatomy. The goal of this course is to introduce basic examination techniques that will enable you to detect and successfully treat frequent visceral disorders in your practice.

The Visceral Osteopathy opens up a new world for the manual therapists. Diseases and illnesses that were previously associated with the field of internal medicine are now accessible for treatment. This course for the medically interested can get you started in the exciting field of visceral osteopathy. There is the possibility, for interested participants to deepen their knowledge base by enrolling in the follow-up courses.