Functional Orthonomie and Integration
Training Institute for FOI GbR Friedhelm Becker and Hans de Jong

Courses : Basic training : Concept

The basic training for the FOI includes the examination and treatment of the musculoskeletal system from a holistic approach. But it is quite different in theory and practice compared to conventional manual therapeutic and osteopathic concepts.

For the FOI the spine is the central axis around which the entire system revolves. It is both functional and the neurological central point, and that is why in almost all functionally related problems and pain, this is the first stage in diagnosis and therapy. The Facet Joint and its mobility are not the first phase of diagnosis and treatment, but instead the statics (position in space) of each vertebra. The structural changes of the vertebrae are the root causes of blockages and functional limitations . In addition, almost any problem in the spinal column also has an effect on the peripheral joints. Therefore, it is essential that the functional changes in the peripheral joints are treated as well, for example if back pain is present. Or in other words: almost every problem in the periphery has its cause in the spine.

It is essential to ensure spine structural integrity and function if a peripheral problem is to be eliminated for the long term. In principle, no matter where the pain is located, for a permanent fix, the whole body must be treated.

You will learn to examine the relationships within the compensatory mechanisms to deal with problems quickly and effectively.

For this purpose, we use a three-dimensional think model.
This model asserts that all joints are connected through a common functional structure. Therefore, we are able to explain for example why knee problems can cause a headache, or why you may experience shoulder pain as a result of a sprained foot.